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When I was young, nothing was better than gazing up at all those pro models in my local skate shop Aardvark's. So many interesting, vibrant board graphics and experimental shapes that now define modern day. Seeing how decks were so expensive not very many people could afford to collect them. However, the amazing thing about those days was you could buy that same pro model in sticker form! Today this does not happen for some strange reason.

I used to buy tons of stickers and stick 'em all over the place: my school, decks, my room, binders, bums foreheads (sorry), on the cat, all over. In 1988 I got serious about collecting. First storing piles away in the shoeboxes, then over to protective photo albums. The average cost of stickers back in the late 80's was between $0.75 and $2 - can you believe that? Today they can range from $10 - $90 depending on the condition and rarity.

I have so many stickers in my collection and just love flipping through them. It really brings you straight back to the old days. I'm sure there are others that love to collect, or just plain interested in seeing the old stickers again, that's why I scanned everything and voila was born. Please have a look at all the galleries and enjoy! I encourage e-mail from all you old-school and new-school skaters.